Review, Sun Shines, by @agilityearth.
Our friends over at @centralparkgallery have a really interesting double bill up right now: Sun Shines, featuring fabrications and objects by Joshua Edward Bennett (@_nommo_) and the paintings of Jane Parshall (@janewbparshall). The show feels like a look both inward and outward, as Bennett’s works echo that of signs that direct you more inward than outward. Meanwhile, Parshall’s paintings seem to sketch a space, abstracting a home scene via minimal leaning shapes and lines that quietly splatter and spill. The combination of the two seek stability in times like these, a sort of zen in the everyday – but both through very different means.
Joshua Edward Bennett’s pieces in @centralparkgallery’s Sun Shines feel like a few things. First: signs. They look like abstract, geometric signals intended to tell drivers and walkers where to go and how to act. This is funny given that they say nothing and something at the same time, instead taking an almost 1970s transcendental approach, suggesting third eyes, limitless horizons, and tranquil pools of water. Created through sign making techniques, they are certainly saying something to a viewer through non-literal means. They’re fun but filled with contemplative vigor. For those with an interior design love, they seem so fabulously suited to resonate out on the wall of your home.
Meanwhile, Jane Parshall (@janewbparshall)’s paintings at @centralparkgallery’s Sun Shines are on a different sort of journey: she has created delicate rooms and recreations of objects and images. Her paintings feel like photos taken with light brushstrokes that suggest a place instead of literally recreating a place. There is a looking backward and forward to her work, offering a viewer the smallest bits of information that they then fill in. Unlike classic interior paintings, the works aren’t portraits or still lives but instead as if Morris Louis or even Barnett Newman decided to paint their homes. The results are fascinating and, paired together, the works of Parshall and Bennett offer viewers ways to imagine instead of seeing, ways to remember instead of reenact. It’s a fabulous show up through December 8. Stop by and see it, if you’re in town.
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