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OAZO (MFA Thesis Exhibition)

Joshua Edward Bennett

February 13 – February 19,  2019

Carrol Gallery, Newcomb Art Department, Tulane Universit

6823 St Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118

OAZO (Solo Exhibition)

Joshua Edward Bennett

December 14, 2019 - January 5, 2020

Alone Time Gallery

2338 Barracks Street, New Orleans, LA 70119


OAZO is a brand of transcendental art objects and experiential immersive environments.


OAZO is a substantiated method of spiritual access for those who choose to take part and open themselves to possibility.

OAZO is a place of sanctuary; an oasis amid the desert of distraction, stress, and drudgery that can be part of everyday life. It is a respite from reality that encourages a contemplation of surreality.


OAZO presents an alternative structure to established traditional institutions for spiritual health and well-being for those who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.”


OAZO embraces the idea of a commodified object as conduit for sublime ascension. Vast amounts of spiritual energy can cycle between an individual and an object.

OAZO provides a tightly formed system of objects that advance healing and positive energy flow within an acute, contemporary aesthetic.


OAZO exists to encourage a present experience facilitating corporeal transcendence for its participants. Life truly occurs in the perpetual now.

OAZO aids those who are seeking spiritual fulfillment and sublimity by guiding their focus to elemental Dei (sculptural icons representing various conditions of humanity.)


OAZO exhibits conditions conducive for the recognition of human immateriality through a composite of rich and vibrating colors, unique structural shapes, alluring lines, and enveloping spaces with blanketed golden light, heavenly customized scents, and surrounding ambient sounds, all which are punctuated by visual iconic representations of Dei.


OAZO provides a new, crisp, and exciting mode for participants to activate and engage their deepest self.


Se Mammum Dei.

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