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Angel Oloshove, Elise Thompson + Joshua Edward Bennett

Curated by Bret Shirley

March 13 – TBA, 2020

BS Projects
4540 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas 77092


Joshua Edward Bennett’s unique and bold fabricated objects are born out of a personal longing to assign a visual and spatial aesthetic to existential imaginations surrounding his own sense of spirituality. Though he is not a religious person as it pertains to established organized institutions, he feels a perpetual and indefinable force that evades any empirical measure or truth.

In Seers, Bennett explores the concept of objects as clairvoyants. They are intended to be fixtures of faith vacant of the burdensome commitment of a worldview or organized spiritual affiliation. Singularly, they facilitate predictions limited by the human quality they represent, (i.e Praise, Prudence, Patience, et cetera.) The objects are designed to operate as conduits between current reality and the idealized reality of the future. Through swirling emphatic color arrangements, glass-like reflective surfaces, and gritty pitted textures (sourced from the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko that the Rosetta space probe successfully landed upon in 2014,) Bennett imbues a feeling that is both strangely foreign and deeply human. These visionary works, at the very least, offer a moment for the viewer to pause and deliberately ruminate over the featured human condition.

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